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“I booked a massage for myself and my best friend before her wedding. It was just what she needed. They were WONDERFUL- very attentive to her needs and making this a memorable and quality service that helped kick off her special weekend.” — Stephanie

“I had a great 90 minute massage yesterday. It was heavenly. Can wait to do it again in 2 weeks.” — Pat 

“Blades massage is the BEST! Went in yesterday with painful lower back pain and in 30 min it was so much better. Today I can barely tell it even hurt! Thanks Silla!” — Tina

“Great massages! Great people!” — Kym

“Best massage in Des Moines” — Lauren

"I recently purchased a Migun bed, after a dear friend who was dealing with severe back pain got tremendous relief using the Migun bed. She highly recommended it. I have some severe medical issues that I have been dealing with. I have had a rod in my right leg, and left arm. I have had a lot of physical therapy, but haven’t been able to get my strength, and flexibility back to where I hoped to. I was very excited when my Migun bed arrived. I was able to assemble my bed , and get it up and running the same day. The first time I used it, I have to admit there were some real sore spots, but I knew to start out slowly. Here it is 2 months later, and I have seen great progress. Specifically with my posture, flexibility, balance, and overall sense of confidence in my body. I fo have to warn you, it can become addictive. I use my Migun bed twice a day. When I first wake up, and just before bed. It’s very relaxing. I am so glad I have my Migun bed, it has made such a positive difference in my life." Mary ~ Illinois  1/26/2018

“This is long overdue because Silla and Oylgie have been helping me for over three years. I started going to Blades for severe neck and back pain due to a herniated disc in my neck. (Plus years of wear and tear from swimming and running).After a couple sessions with Silla and getting introduced to the Migun bed I have been successfully managing my pain for over three years. Actually, I don’t see Silla and Olygie nearly as often as I used to because I loved the Migun bed so much, I bought one.Now I only get a massage when I want to, not because I am in pain. They have helped increase my quality of life so much I honestly do not know how to thank them except to help spread the word.” — Trudy H. Des Moines Iowa  4/2017

“I have used the MIGUN bed six times, and I can hardly wait until my next use. I’m 74 years old, and although relatively fit, I have badly rounded shoulders and back and a way forward leaning head and neck.My posture has been terrible. I look like a very old man, and I often have painful back spasms. The first time I used the bed I couldn’t lie flat on it. I couldn’t get my head and shoulders to extend back far enough to lie flat on my back. The gentle heat and the slow rhythmical movements of the spine have me, after three sessions, lying flat. Imagine. And I’m not having back spasms. Since using it I find myself generally more flexible and more comfortable standing and walking. It’s a fabulous feeling. I’m loving the new me.” Most Sincerely,  — Michael P. H., Sr., Ed.D. Professor of English Clive, IA ~ 3/27/2017

“The Migun Bed is awesome!  I’m so glad I discovered the Migun Massage Bed here on Blade’s website.  I have become a regular, whenever my low back starts to bother me I know it’s time to schedule a Migun appointment. This bed does an excellent job of massaging 

the muscles along both sides of your spine and neck using warm stone rollers.  It gets all those sore spots in my low back.  If you like deep/firm pressure, this thing is amazing!  I really like how it lifts and stretches your lower body, and the jumbo size infrared heating pad is an excellent bonus!  I always leave standing up straighter after a Migun session, and it always reduces my low back pain.”  — Jason T. Des Moines, Ia ~ 3/14/2017

"I love the Migun bed - no more visits to the chiropractor! It's a great to relax while your muscles begin to feel relief. The added heat therapy makes each session do wonders to my body! I highly recommend the Migun bed to anyone who is in need of back pain relief." ~ Dr. Summers and family  ~ 1/31/2018


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